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This company was set up by Harvey A Adam to market his boat designs.

As is usual with these small British companies, we are very short on any reliable information. Adam wrote a book - Model Boat Construction (1952) - in which he provided several plans, and since one of the model kits we know about matches one of these plans we may assume that the plans provided here constitute at least a part of his range.

Adamcraft is mentioned in various forums as being based in the New Forest - Brockenhurst and Lymington have been mentioned. The kits were distributed through Gamages at one point, and Adam's book recommends the use of 'Adamcrete' glue and 'Adamcraft' electric motors for radio control so his operation had quite a wide commercial base.

The company is likely to have started shortly after the war - say 1946 - and if it ran to the retirement of the owner may have closed around 1975. Adams mentioned in his book that his interest in model boat-building started in 1919, and many of the boats are designed to be built using the old classic technique of mounting the frames upside down on a jig and then planking with thin strips, as full-size practice.
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