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Where do old model boat kits go when they die?
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The Kits page!

Here we have the hub of the site. This is where we list all the old kit ranges for which we have any data - plans, lines or photos. Or just the fact that they existed...

If you have any data you can add, do get in touch. The aim will always be to reproduce a complete set of data - box art, plans and instructions. Even simple reminiscences will help create an atmosphere and give us useful dating info. To see plans where we can't identify a kit range, go to the 'Browse Plans' page - but note that in many cases these contain limited data. Unless you can help...

If these plans are already available on another site we will store them here, and provide a link to a place you can obtain them. If this link fails, tell us and we'll make the plans available here. If a range has actually been revived, and is being sold, we will provide a link to the kit seller, and plans if we can.

If the site is going very slowly, this probably means that there are too many people downloading - you will be better off to wait half an hour and try again rather than joining in and making everything even slower for everybody...

Happy browsing...!

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