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Where do old model boat kits go when they die?
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This is where we list the one-off plans we have gathered. This is not really intended to be a complete list of all plans that can be found on the web - more a place to put rare items which are not kit-related. But it may end up as a bit of a mixture! Anything you can contribute is welcome!

We have categorised the plans fairly simply, based mainly on motive force - pick a type of boat along the top, the power source down the side, and click on the picture to go to the relevent list. Then click on each entry to get an image, and go from there....

Where the plans are already available on another site we will provide a link to it - please use this in preference to loading from this site if you can, since the bandwidth here is small and downloads are generally faster elsewhere!

If the site is going very slowly, this probably means that there are too many people downloading - you will be better off to wait half an hour and try again rather than making everything even slower...

Happy browsing...!
Scale Sports Competition
Conventional Wind Power scaleyachtsportsyachtcompyacht
Conventional Propeller
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Unconventional Boats submarine paddleboat other
Dodgy Geezer me fabricavit. Technical hat-tips - Thank you for the free textures, domain names, and HTML editor....
We hope that some of them will come here...
Paddle Boats