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Where do old model boat kits go when they die?
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How can you help?

There is an unknown, but, I suspect, large amount of data about/plans of model boats out there. Some is scattered on the Web - much is in collections, the attics, and the minds of older modellers. Without any central place to store or reference this it will gradually be lost and forgotten.

This site is simply intended to offer a place for such data to be stored and made available to the modelling community, so that it stays alive. It will never be commercial, and will always remain free to use. And there is a limit to the time I can spend chasing obscure and rare models.

So if this repository is to work, it will be down to you to provide the data which is to be stored. I can clean it, format it, check copyright and load it, but it still has to come from you. All data is valuable - even just the memory of a certain kit range existing - but of course ideally I would like to gather sufficient detail to be able to reproduce the entire experience of building the model.

So contact us with any data you have got - scraps, sketches - but, if you can, try to provide the data specified opposite...

For each kit range we would like to get:

  • a list of the boats in the range
  • an illustration of each one
  • a history of the range, including company name, where based, start and end dates and any important incidents
  • an overall description of the range pointing out interesting features

  • What we would ideally like to obtain for each boat is:

  • a full-sized plan in PDF format
  • scale PDF drawings of any die-cut parts not covered by the plan
  • a scan of any instructions included with the kit
  • a photo of the finished model
  • a photo of the original box art and/or kit contents
  • info about the kit - date, designer, size
  • a short description of the kit - about 50 words

  • ...and, of course, any reminiscences you may have about the kits...

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