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Where do old model boat kits go when they die?
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A range of kits designed by Les Rowe, in the early 1950/60s.

He used an "egg-box" technique, sliding the bulkheads onto slots in the superstructure which acted as a jig. The boats did not need a building board, and accurate alignment was simple to achieve.

Distributed by Keil Kraft, these boats were probably the most widely sold of the large kits in the UK - ideal for radio control and medium sized I/C engines.

Updated kits to make these boats are still sold by a number of UK kit-making companies.
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Fairey Swordsman
Sea Hawk
Patrol Boat
Patrol Torpedo Boat
RAF Crash Tender
Sea Commander
Sea Hornet
Sea Nymph
Sea Queen
Sea Rover
Sea Scout
Sea Urchin
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