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Model Products
The model boat kits marketed under the Model Product label were made in Rhodesia at the time of Sanctions (1970’s) by Southern Cross Hobbies.

Closely based on Les Rowell’s Aerokit designs they had minor changes to avoid copyright issues, mainly in the lift off superstructures, but no place of manufacture was ever given. Wood used was Mugongo, a very lightweight but dusty wood from the Zambezi valley. Die-cut parts were made by using sharpened strapping wire formed by hand and parts numbered using a child’s printing kit.

Aircraft kits were also manufactured, and all kits were packaged in newsprint covered cardboard. The boat kits however had a differing logo with a boat outline as illustrated. They were marketed by Model Products of Johannesburg, South Africa, it being a much larger market, indeed even sheet and strip-wood Mugongo was also sold there.

The boat kits were never as successful as the aircraft ones. Both companies appeared to be out of business by the mid 1990’s
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