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Where do old model boat kits go when they die?
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How to prepare data to send to the website...

Old model boat kits present two difficulties.
1 - any plan is usually bigger than A4
2 - the shape of die-cut parts is often not given on the plan
While we will work with any data we get, ideally we would like precise full-scale data and original plan information. You can do this with an A4 scanner. What needs to be done is:

1 - set the scanner to produce .pdfs on the highest resolution which is convenient
2 - Draw up a little 1" marker and sellotape it to the scanner surface, so that there will always be a reference size on each scan
3 - Place a section of the plan on the scanner and scan it. Repeat this with overlapping sections until the entire plan is covered. Overlaps should be about 1"-2" and happen at a recognisable point on the plan so that I can see where to join it back again.
4 - Send all the .pdf files from this to me. I will then use a photo-editing tool to join them back together again, and send you a single file containing the whole plan.

Do the same for the die-cut parts - scan in sections and send the files to me. If a part is featureless, sellotape a reference markers to it, or give me a few measurements. I can then draw up cutting lines to reproduce the die-cut part.
As well as the plans, it would be useful to have scans of instruction leaflets and other inclusions in the original kit. These can often be scanned in one piece.

The box itself is part of the atmosphere of the original model! Here, a simple photograph of the box art - front and sides if appropriate - will do. Make the photo fill the frame!

Any further information about the kit that you may have will also be gratefully received. This is less important for the well-known big companies, but if you have something from a small local company that you want to preserve then as much data as you can remember about the kit, the company, who ran it, for how long and where - all of this can be stored and reproduced on the web.

If you have any queries about what we are doing, or any suggestions about how we could do it better;

don't hesitate to get in touch HERE

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